Civil War Beards

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Confederate Private

For today’s entry I present this unidentified Confederate private wearing the so called “Richmond Depot II” jacket.  He’s got a really wonderful chin beard

Union Cavalry Private

Today I present a Union cavalry private with a really interesting goatee

Today I present a sailor with a mustache!
Today we celebrate Lt. Alonzo Cushing.  Graduating from West Point in 1861 Cushing commanded Battery A of the 4th United States Light Artillery.  On July 3rd 1863 at Gettysburg Cushing’s battery was positioned near the Union center on Cemetery Ridge.  The Confederate artillery barrage decimated his battery leaving only one serviceable gun.  As the Confederates began their assault (known later as Pickett’s Charge) Cushing took personal command of the gun.  Despite begin wounded in the stomach and shoulder Cushing refused to leave his gun.  With the rebels less than 100 yards from his position Cushing was killed by a rifle shot.  He is buried at West Point.  This September Cushing will receive the Congressional Medal of Honor. 
In this photograph Cushing stands at center. The other officers are (Front left to right)  Lt. Evan Thomas, Lt. Rufus King Jr., and Lt. James McKay Rorty. (back) Lt. Arthur Morris, Lt. Alonzo Cushing, and Lt. Edward Field. Three of the officers give good examples of Civil War facial hair with a thick moustache, a trimmed and style beard and a chin goatee.  The officer with the goatee has managed to strike a smile!

Unknown Union Soldier with Saber

Today’s photo is of a Union cavalry trooper with his saber and a rather impressive chin curtain!

Georges-Eugène Haussmann

Hello Fellow Beardo-philles! 

I’m in Paris for the summer doing dissertation research with my wife.  This past weekend I learned about an incredibly interesting man who, between 1853 and 1870, was responsible for the creation of modern Paris (along with Napoleon III), Georges-Eugène Haussmann.  So here’s a picture of him from 1860 with a really great chin curtain! 

If you’d like to know more about Haussmann’s redesign of Paris check this out…

Young Confederate Soldier With a Goatee

I have been gone for quite a while.  First I got married, then I went on my honeymoon, then my hard drive crashed and my backups were corrupted.  In any case Civil War Beards is back with this young Confederate soldier with a goatee.

Wedding of Princess Alice to Prince Louis of Hesse Darmstadt, 1867

My apologies for how long its been since my last post.  I’m getting married in a little over a week and things here are a little hectic.  With that in mind today I’m sharing an image of the royal wedding of Queen Victoria’s daughter Alice to Prince Louis of Hesse Darmstadt in 1867.  Attending her and her new husband are Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and the Prince of Wales (Edward VII).  Those royals really had great beards.


Isma’il Pasha

Great facial hair of the 1850s and 60s was not just limited to the United States.  This is Isma’il Pasha, the Khedive (the local ruler under the control of the Ottoman Sultan in Istanbul) of Egypt from 1867 until 1879.  Isma’il Pasha was known as a great modernizer of the largely traditional nation.  One of his greatest accomplishments was the opening of the Suez Canal.  Following the American Civil War the Khedive invited many veteran officers from North and South to come to Egypt and help modernize his army. 

Union Officer and Private

Today’s image is of a union private with sideburns and an officer with a really great beard